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Today, the average Certified Home Health Aides (HHA) earns between $15 - $18 an hour working for a Licensed Home Health Care agency and even more working for a private pay or Direct Pay client, although, many would agree that HHA's have kept many of our family members safe and healthy in their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic, so no one would argue with the thought of HHA's earning a little more for the work they do.

Now more than ever, aides are required to monitor client conditions for any changes that could be related to Covid-19. Despite the world experiencing the worst pandemic ever, aides continue to commit to caring for their clients, risking their own lives and health for others.

The covid-19 vaccination mandates have left many aides without a job and many home care agencies struggling to find coverage for their clients left without aides. The burden is serious. There is a shortage of HHA's and a huge demand for home health care services as many individuals suddenly qualify for home care services after contracting Covid-19 and having lasting symptoms.

So as a leader in Home Health Care staffing solutions, AIDECAST is helping home care agencies connect with Certified Home Health Aides and other home health care professionals in their cities to meet the demand for HHA's and better service clients in need of home care services.

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Aide workers must pay close attention to basic skills such as wound care, detecting changes in the client's condition and monitoring for signs of illness or injury. Aide workers can also work in nursing homes and hospices, but must follow National Health and Medical Research Council (NHRC) guidelines on how to not only care for the wound, but also recognize any changes in the condition of the client.    

In New Mexico, the median wage for a domestic help worker is $9.50 an hour, but most agencies charge customers up to $20 an hour, said Deborah Dombi, executive director of the National Home Care Workers Association, a national nonprofit that advocates for caregivers and their clients. Vox spoke to several people in the care industry, some of whom blamed the government for keeping wages low in individual states with Medicaid programs. One of them was Deborah's employer, Home Health Care Services, Inc., a group that represents nursing homes and hospice organizations like the one that hired a nurse like Deborah. Mark Scaling, president and CEO of New Mexico's Direct Caregivers Coalition, which campaigns for the rights of home residents, agreed with Dombsi.   

Like many of the professional nurses interviewed for this story, Angelica said she first learned how to do the job while looking after her relatives. A few months after moving to Albuquerque, she learned about a nonprofit organization she founded, the New Mexico Home Care Workers Association.

Since most aides are also companions, the amendment again excludes home health workers from the minimum wage and overtime regulations. This still leaves employers arguing that their caregivers are not covered by the FLSA because they do not spend most of their shifts doing chores or helping their clients bathe or dress. The fact that nurses and nannies cannot unionize makes it even more difficult for them to fight for exclusion under the protection of workers.